Why I love antiques

Every antique piece has its own unique story and that’s what I love most about our incredible job of collecting and curating.

One of my favourite personal pieces is an old black document box with MISS WILEY. emblazoned across the front. To some people its just a banged up old box but to me it embodies the romance of antiques. Who was Miss Wiley? Where did she live? What treasures did she keep in this box and where did it travel to? Wouldn’t we love the know…. All of these questions remain a mystery but its what makes this particular piece so intriguing and special to me. 

Today Miss Wiley’s box takes pride of place on my desk, filled with everything from stationery to old birthday cards written by my kids. On special occasions she also takes centre stage at a dinner party, moonlighting as a fabulously repurposed ice bucket filled to the brim with champagne. 

When selecting an antique piece no matter how big or small it must speak to you. I always purchase from the heart and have learnt the hard way not to second guess my gut feelings. Many a time I have passed on a piece that I absolutely loved only to come back the next day to find it gone. Antiques are not a commodity item - there are not 10 of the same thing sitting out the back in the store room. They are unique and they are special and its the ones you miss that haunt you. Trust me I know.

Ann-Maree x